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Month: December 2019

How to Find God’s will in your Life? Finding God’s will for one’s life is the most important search adventures any God created being would embark on. One without the accurate Knowledge of God’s will and purpose for his or her life is running a risk of both earthly and eternal failure. Therefore, understanding how […]

christian music song MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine Lyrics I can only imagine what it will be likeWhen I walk by Your sideI can only imagine what my eyes will seeWhen Your face is before meI can only imagineYeah Surrounded by Your gloryWhat will my heart feel?Will I dance for You Jesus?Or in awe […]

A letter to myself before I was saved Oh, what a day to remember to make an address of this piece to my old being before Christ found me. Sometimes it hurts to have known that I allowed the Devil to drive the vehicle of my destiny before I was discovered by Grace. Satan, you […]