The study of the Bible is a discipline that is waning fast in our modern world of gadgets, social media and technology. I bet you’ll agree with me that most youth in the church today do not know the Word of God as they are supposed to know it; this is because they do not study their Bible. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, you can – and you should – study the Bible and know it as much as you know your smartphone!

Why study the Bible?

The study of the Bible is very essential in the life of God’s people – it is food for the heart and soul. Jesus shows us this truth in Matthew 4:4 AMP – It is written and forever remains written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’” A healthy Christian must not only pray but must study his Bible so he can understand the ways of Christ the King and His Kingdom and also learn to listen to His voice. No one can please God without faith, and faith comes by studying, hearing, and trusting in God’s word.

I am of the personal opinion that the troubles that threaten to overwhelm us in life today would be no threat at all if we paid attention to the study, believing, and practice of the Word of God. This is one of the reasons why the greatest Spirit-filled theologian of the New Testament, Apostle Paul, tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15 NIV – Study to show yourself approved unto God – The Father, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly expounding (dissecting) the word of truth. 

The word of God – both by study and by faith – will empower you to overcome the enemy’s lies and attacks will help you walk more closely with the Lord and will give you both the knowledge and the grace needed to live a victorious Christian life!

Here are some resources to help you get started or continue with the study of the Bible:

10 Resources for Bible study.   

Whether you are a Bible class leader or just a wonderful Christian seeking to know the Bible some more, these resources will be a great blessing to you:

  1. Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook

This great handbook provides us with illustrations and historic references right from the first book of the Bible – Genesis, to the last book – Revelation. It contains maps, images, charts, illustrations and key verses. It is really a great resource where you could find help in preparing your study in the context of culture and scripture.

This is a great collection of original creeds and some early Christian documents up to the modern era. While it is not a book that you read every day, having it in your library will help you in understanding the perspective and the experiences of the Church through the ages.

If you want to understand (or refresh your memory of) the Bible from start to finish, right from Eden’s Garden to the very end of time – then this book is a perfect solution to your desire.

This book contains a deep and amazing write-up on 175 stories in the Bible; it also provides suggestions on how these stories could be taught effectively. Every story has its own lesson focus, application, biblical context, interpretations, background and the mistakes to look out for.

The Bible was written – not because of Abraham, Israel or King Solomon – but because of Christ. He is the central message of the Bible; His death and resurrection are vital keys for the Christian’s victory over the woes of life. In this book, John Piper clarifies the centrality of Jesus’ death and resurrection. One thing that makes this book a great resource for Bible study is that no matter what other doctrines we may know, if Christ is not known and lifted up above all else, there will be no fruit in our lives.

This book was created to foster a deeper understanding of scriptural truth, to increase the Biblical literacy of Christians and to stimulate true Christian thought and action in a world where Christianity is undervalued and undermined by forces and people that shape contemporary culture. It contains writings from more than 50 distinguished professors, of whom a few are: John R.W Stott, Bruce L. Shelley, Ravi Zacharias, and Robert G. Clouse etc.

If you want an introduction to seminary education but cannot afford the time or money, or are in any other type of situation that would not make it possible to attend a seminary – then this book will provide just what you need.

If you want to catch the divine flame of passion for the word of God – I believe you will find it in this book. It is a book that will ignite your hunger for and help you appreciate the blessedness we have in God’s holy word.

This is an innovative reference guide that helps you learn more easily about specific topics in the Bible without having to go through the troubles of digging through loads of books. It is a most suitable resource for the on-the-go student of the Bible and makes study easier and more enjoyable.

This book contains proven methods and techniques that will help you memorize entire chapters and books of the Bible more easily than you ever imagined. It is a great tool that will prepare you for the rewarding exercises of spiritual and mental labor that most people try to avoid, and you can be sure that this will enrich your heart with a greater level of hunger for the Word of God.

  1. The Bible Project; Book and Topical Video Series (Collaborators: Timothy Mackie, Jonathan Collins, Gerry Breshears)

The Bible Project is a really good video-study resource and has been really helpful to many people as it provides them with the opportunity to understand parts of the Bible more easily. The short-form, fully animated Bible videos are specifically designed to help people experience the story of the Bible in a way that is both engaging and personal. It provides a creative overview or lead into your study and makes learning the truths of the Bible more fun.

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