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1) Client pays full payment before the session begins- if working for a label, the usual 60 to 90 days to close accounts.
2) “no show” or cancellation (min. 24 hrs. in front of booking) means full payment of next session before it will be booked – over 24 hrs. notice, no charge.
3) session players ( if booked) to be paid (scale) by client IMMEDIATELY at end of session.
4) Client must pay for archive/backup time and materials, and can opt for their own disk to transfer materials to. All recorded materials in studio will be uploaded to and stored for 90 days, and if client doesn’t pay for archive or Xfer to HD, materials will not be guaranteed to be backed up, and susceptible to losses.
5) ‘lockout’ days or “Block time” mean 8 hrs. days (incl. engineer), not 24 hrs.
6) Producer fees are not included in the studio rate – if client needs a ‘producer’, or wishes the studio to procure one, the client must negotiate this before commencing sessions.
7. You can eat/ drink in the studio only in the designated client area, smoking is not allowed in the studio, you can smoke outside if you wish