The truth is as long as the world evolves, people would always have different views about almost everything. But in all those views people have, there is always the one that is the truth whether it’s accepted or not.

How many times have you heard a Christian listen to a song that has God in the lyrics, and because of that singular reason, say it’s gospel music. That’s funny. Let us first of all analyze what the word gospel means. I will paraphrase what dictionaries define it as. Gospel basically has to do with Christ, teachings related to Christianity that relate to the message of Christ and salvation. Literally, it means good news; for Christians, the good news about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. So, the fact that a song has “God” in its lyrics does not validate it as gospel music. I mean, what did God do? Let me get to the point; gospel music glorifies all that Jesus Christ did for humanity, simple. Do you disagree? What then do you believe in exactly?

Gospel music impacts inspires and further affirms your faith in Christ. Any song that just makes you “emotional, “focus on your life situations or “life” itself cannot be seen as gospel music.

Gospel music glorifies God, not your circumstances, His life in you, not “life” in itself. Something else that makes gospel music has an impact on your faith is the fact that it’s not from the writer’s “heart,” you know how people can sincerely write from their hearts how they feel about God? That’s not gospel music. If it can qualify as a piece of gospel music, it will have zero views of man and only God’s word uplifted. And definitely, when a Christian listens to one of such songs, his or her faith is further strengthened.

Let me drift a bit into how these songs in question can impact your choice. I am sure by now you know that what you listen to goes a long way into what would eventually be in your heart if you don’t guard it. Have you ever listened to a song that is all about love this, love that, my heart this and that, and over time you realize you start craving love from “the one”? That’s because what you hear is actually powerful; how much more when you feed your mind with it over and over again.

All I’m saying is gospel music would certainly impact you to make Godly choices. There’s no way you are listening to songs that constantly Glorify Christ and His word, remind you of who you are as a Christian, and then you are making choices like a worldly man. I say this confidently because what you listen to constantly builds a consciousness in you whether you planned for it or not, and when a God-consciousness is around you, your decisions would be influenced by such.

Also, gospel music can be in the form of consecration songs, which further strengthen your allegiance with our Lord, Jesus. Such songs help you re-affirm your love and commitment to Christ. This definitely impacts your faith. It reminds you of your decision to serve Christ and spurs you to love and serve Him even more. Therefore, every song cannot be referred to as gospel music! It’s a great thing we have music today, and in it is so many harmonious sounds and all that instruments that make you feel like your heart is about to burst, but please just before your heart bursts,  listen to the lyrics well. That a song is very slow, or the singer’s voice is so high, and “angelic” doesn’t make it gospel, let’s know what we are doing. Let’s not justify what is not by laying claims on the wrong things. Call a spade a spade. Call a song that glorifies God’s word gospel. I trust you un